Nothing works without the right adhesive tape

For this reason we offer you all types of adhesive tapes from a single source. In addition to packing tapes,  wet adhesive tapes and individually printed adhesive tapes for gluing cardboard boxes, we offer you glass-reinforced filament adhesive tape, masking tape, double-sided adhesive tape, fabric adhesive tape, colored adhesive tape, address protection tape, strapping adhesive tape & aluminum adhesive tape - no matter what properties you are looking for - through our large manufacturer and supplier network we will find the right adhesive tape for your purpose. 


Filament tape

Filament adhesive tape (also glass fiber adhesive tape) is used for packaging or bundling heavy packages and goods such as pipes or sheet metal. Manufacturers use this tape as well as shippers. It is extremely tear-resistant and can be placed flexibly around the packaged goods. In this respect, it can be used as an alternative to strapping. We carry filament adhesive tapes in different widths – the wider they are, the higher the tear strength.

Masking tape

Masking tape - also known as masking tape - is used in many ways, especially by painters and varnishers. It can be removed without leaving any residue and is easy to tear off. For this reason, it is often used for temporary labeling.

Depending on your needs, we offer flat crepe or high crepe tapes. For some purposes the masking tape has to withstand high temperatures (e.g. for car painters up to 110 degrees Celsius). 


Double sided tape

Double-sided adhesive tape is not missing in any company or household. The possible applications are almost unlimited. We offer you special - technical double-sided adhesive tapes for permanent carpet bonding, for residue-free removal (e.g. of trade fair carpets - trade fair adhesive tape) and for special use on wood, plastic, glass or metal.

Tissue tape

Fabric adhesive tape - also known as duct tape - is characterized by high adhesive strength and has different properties depending on the area of application. It sticks to almost any surface, tears off easily, and is weather resistant. This duct tape / duct tape is not used as packaging tape for gluing cardboard boxes, but is mainly used by industry and trade as repair tape and for bundling. The "Gaffatape" is also used in stage construction for covering in neutral black or with particularly bright colors as neon tape.  

Address protection tape

Address protection tape is used as weather protection and smudge protection for package labels and address labels. The address protection film is self-adhesive, transparent and waterproof. This ensures that your freight arrives at the recipient on time and correctly. The standard widths are 130 or 150 mm with a length of 66 meters. Of course, you can also get the right equipment for processing the protective tape from us. 

Strapping tape

Strapping tape is used as an adhesive tape to secure pallets. In internal transport, damage to people and goods from falling boxes can be avoided. Pipes, sheet metal or iron rods can also be bundled using strapping bands.

notable advantages of BOPP printed box sealing tape is its versatility in the commercial world. Custom printed tapes can be used to help brand your products and enhance your company's image with a personal touch. Plus, it's suitable for many different businesses as it's available in different widths, thicknesses, colors and patterns, so choosing the one that suits your business couldn't be easier.


Aluminum tapes

Aluminum adhesive tapes are used in the electrical industry, for example. We offer you all-aluminum adhesive tapes and aluminum vaporized adhesive tapes in various widths.

Post time: Jun-07-2023